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Welcome to Odin Games and Hobby

Odin Games and Hobby has been serving the Central Wisconsin community since 2019, offering a premier gaming and hobby experience. We've weathered the challenges of the past few years and are dedicated to becoming your top local resource for nurturing your hobbies. With competitive pricing and the ability to order items directly if not in stock, we ensure you have access to everything you need.

Specializing in a wide range of gaming genres including card games, miniature war games, board games, and role-playing games, Odin Games and Hobby provides personalized assistance to hobbyists. Our extensive hobby selection is unrivaled in town.

We also buy and sell used goods! Along with discounts, expect regular events and tournaments. Stay updated on our events through our Facebook page. For all your card needs, visit our Tcgplayerpro website, and explore great deals and used goods on our Ebay store.

The Savings


  • Our greatest savings come from our Ravens reward program! You will earn 1 Raven point for every $50 spent during a single purchase.

  • Raven points can be used on all eligible items* to help you save even more! 

  • Once you get 5 Raven Reward points you can redeem them for 10% off the entire total.*

In store savings

  • 10% off all Games Workshop products!

  • Preorder Sales offering wide discount on goods soon to come out!

Please reach out for any questions regarding our rewards Program, discounts and sales! Check out our terms and condition for more info!

Raven Rewards Odin Games and Hobby

Contact Information

Odin Games and Hobby                                                    Hours

1699 Schofield Avenue

Suite # 201

Schofield, Wisconsin














12PM - 10PM

12PM - 5PM

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